York Community High School

WL Grading policies

Our department grading policies reflect our belief in the importance of the three modes of communication and our intent to develop proficiency in all modes.   Students' semester grades will be determined as follows:


ACP courses

30% - Interpretive Assessments

30% - Interpersonal Assessments

30% - Presentational Assessments

10% - Academic Responsibility


Non-ACP courses

25% - Presentational Assessments

25% - Interpretive Assessments

25% - Interpersonal Assessments

15% - Skill checks (This category may include homework, class participation, formative assessments, or discrete point grammar or vocabulary sections that are a part of a larger assessment.)

10% - Academic Responsibility


While one semester of language study will fulfill the York Fine Arts graduation requirement, college-bound students should be aware that colleges and universities often have much higher world language entrance requirements.  Most colleges require at least two years of second language study for admission.  Competitive colleges and universities may require completion of four years of high school study for admission.  When planning a course of study, every student should check on the specific entrance requirements of the college that he/she is planning to attend.