York Community High School

I am currently reading...

I am currently reading...

La Sra. B. Leidolf

A little about myself...

Welcome to York!  I have had the pleasure of teaching at this school for many years. The "York family" continues to be my second home!

Education: B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature (1989), M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature (1996), a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology for the Foreign Language Classroom (2006) and National Board Certification in World Languages other than English (2011).

Favorite things to do: Watch old movies, read anything, bake cookies, play on the computer, take a ride with my husband Rich in our '55 Chevy Bel Air and enjoy the large family I grew up in :)

Heroes: my parents

Favorite Quote: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

My Schedule 2016-2017

1st hour- Spanish 3h ACP room A229

2nd hour- collaboration

3rd hour- Spanish AP room A229

4th hour- Spanish AP room A229

5th hour-Spanish 3h ACP room A229

6th hour- lunch 

7th hour- Spanish 3h ACP room A225

8th hour- plan period

Email me!!

Leidolf, Beth
Spanish Teacher bleidolf@elmhurst205.org




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