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Social Studies Department Philosophy

The art of asking meaningful and provocative questions forms the core of the social sciences as they examine the complexity of individual and collective ...more

Real Life is Messy: How Social Studies Teachers Approach Complex Political Issues in the Classroom

It has been our practice as educators in the social sciences to encourage and promote critical and ...more

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AP Micro and Econ Career Fair - 11.18.16

Students engaged in mock interviews... Life Readiness!

Constitution Day - September 17, 2015

Neli Farahmandpour spoke to Government classes about the importance of the right to petition the government.

Constitution Day - September 17, 2015

Neli speaking to Government classes.

Mock primary elections: 2.12.2016

Mock primary elections: 2.12.2016

Mock primary elections: 2.12.2016

Mock primary elections: 2.12.2016

Euro Challenge Winners!

In the Euro Challenge, teams delve into economic problems of the European Union, and pose solutions.   By winning the Illinois Preliminary round, York's team advances to the semi-finals in New York City!


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Albert, Timothy
Social Studies Teacher/Japanese Culture, Animation Club talbert@elmhurst205.org
Birchler, Elizabeth
Buono, Jennifer
Carl, Tamra
AP Micro, AP Macroeconomics, and American Government tcarl@elmhurst205.org
Carlson, Michele
Social Studies /RAYS/ Future Diplomats of America mcarlson@elmhurst205.org
DiNovo, Michael
Social Studies Teacher/ Department Chair mdinovo@elmhurst205.org
DiTomasso, Lindsey
US Hist, AP Govt & Politics, Women's Studies-EMPOWER lditomasso@elmhurst205.org
Dowdy, Kenneth
AP U.S. Government and Politics, American Government & Constitutional Law
Drumm, Brian
English Teacher - Assistant Athletic Director bdrumm@elmhurst205.org
Foran, Elizabeth
Social Studies Teacher and Literacy Coach eforan@elmhurst205.org
Gearing, Adam
Social Studies Teacher agearing@elmhurst205.org
Green, Joshua
Halupka, Krzysztof
Special Education Teacher khalupka@elmhurst205.org
Hermes, Molly
Social Studies Teacher & Case Manager
Holba, Brendan
Immel, Jonathan
Learning Commons Dept Chair Government Teacher
Iverson, Patty
Social Studies Teacher piverson@elmhurst205.org
Kern, Charlie
Social Studies Teacher ckern@elmhurst205.org
Moran, Matt
Social Studies Teacher mmoran@elmhurst205.org
Mueller, Amy
Social StudiesTeacher
Olson, Laura
Social Studies Teacher lolson@elmhurst205.org
Riskus, Justin
Social Studies Teacher
Rubio, Lorenzo
ELL Teacher/Chicano Bowl/Hispanos Unidos lrubio@elmhurst205.org
Trent, Kathryn
Social Studies Teacher ktrent@elmhurst205.org
Turnbull, Katie
AP Psychology/Social Studies Teacher kturnbull@elmhurst205.org

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