York Community High School

Google Migration

York Student GOOGLE domain migration

Over summer, Google Apps accounts in yorkstudent.org and student.d205.net (used in Chromebook classes) will be closed and replaced with new Google Apps accounts in elmhurst205.org.  Also, the current yorkstudent.org email system (WorldClient) will be replaced by gmail in elmhurst205.org.



  1. By June 4, 2014 if you want to save any documents from yorkstudent.org or student.d205.net, use the Google Takeout tool - click here to follow the procedure.
    **You may do this at school using your thumb drive, or you can do this from outside the D205 network and save the archive on a personal computer, disk drive, or thumb drive.
  2. By August 1, 2014 if you want to save any email from the yorkstudent.org (WorldClient) email system, you must forward important emails to your personal email, save them to a home computer/drive, or print them.

Your new Google Apps account and gmail will be created prior to the first day of school. Once your new gmail account is created, messages sent to your old yorkstudent.org email will arrive in your new gmail account.

Note: Messages sent to yorkstudent.org prior to the creation of your gmail account will reside in the old email system. If you need to check the old email account there will be a way to request access to the old system for a few weeks after school starts. After that time, no access will be available.


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