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Senior Programs

College Application Process

There are many steps in the process of applying to college. The documents listed here should help. All of these were used during meetings with seniors and their parents this fall.


Drop-In Wednesdays: Note that every Wednesday during the lunch periods, beginning August 29th, the CCRC will host, "Drop-In Wednesdays," for seniors to drop by with any questions regarding applications, test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, or anything else dealing with applying to college or any planning for life after high school. Students are welcome to drop in at other times but Wednesdays will be specifically set aside so the CCRC Counselor is available to answer these questions. Hope to see you there!


Lunch and Learn Seminars: Once a month, during first semester, the "College Application Wednesdays" will feature a presentation/discussion designed to take no more than half of each lunch period (Some take most of the period, others are partial period).

Topics below:

8/22: Using Naviance (Full period - for those who missed the Senior Summer Sessions.)

9/5: Sending your test scores to colleges. (First half of the period.)

10/3: All about the money: FAFSA, CSS Profile and Intro to Scholarships (First half of the period.)

11/7: Lost? Let's Talk! (Perfect for seniors who are getting a late start on this stuff - Full period.)  

12/5: Searching for Scholarships (First half of the period.)

Senior Summer Sessions: Using Naviance

Seniors who attended this program, will spend the better part of an hour using Naviance to build their list of colleges and then learning how to request and track transcripts and letters of recommendation. Any senior unable to attend one of these sessions should carefully review the power point shown below and plan to attend a brief summary session during their lunch on Wednesday, August 22nd.


Presentation is accessible by CLICKING the link, to the right:  Senior Summer Sessions PowerPoint


Twelve Steps to College

We will review this information with seniors who attend the Senior Guidance Sessions and parents who attend Senior Parent Saturday. These will be posted for your reference.


View the Prezi and review the handout to understand the process.

Handout: 12 Steps to College

Prezi can be found at THIS LINK 

College of DuPage Information Night

On Monday, December 4th, York will host an evening for seniors and their parents to explain the process to apply and attend the College of DuPage. For anyone unable to attend, the handout and powerpoint will be available below. If you have additional questions, please contact Mrs. Thompson, College & Career Counselor or Mrs. Armstrong, the College & Career Resource Center Assistant.