York Community High School


Military Options

The US Military offers a wide range of programs to serve our country AND earn good money and great benefits. Though not all students feel they are suited to serving in the military, many students should at least consider the options. Below are some of those options with links to find out more. Students and parents should feel free to meet with their counselor or the CCRC Counselor to discuss these options. If we do not know the answers to all of your questions, we have contacts through the military who can help us help you. Similarly, we have Military Recruiters assigned to York for all branches. They typically set up visits once per semester and students are welcome to sign up for these visits, just like a college visit.


Overview of Military Options:  



Other Sources: 



Enlistment (enlist upon high school graduation): 



Other Sources: 




Reserves/Guard (enlist with varying commitments and benefits): 





ROTC (attending college first, with commitment to enlist as an officer upon college graduation -can be very competitive to earn): 





Military Service Academies (Highly Selective military colleges - prepare during junior year and apply early in senior year):