York Community High School

Math Team

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The York Math Team is a great club if you enjoy solving challenging math problems individually and in groups.

Students will develop new problem solving strategies which will help in their math classes and improve their thinking abilities.  It is a chance to meet other people interested in math, and the competitions are fun.   Most competitions are a combination of individual scores with the top three comprising a team score.    At the end of most evenings, we  work together to try to win the coveted candy bar contest!    Certificates, ribbons, individual and team recognition -- it's great sport!

Coached by Ms. Nancy Mordini and Mrs. Linda Lahti, we compete against other schools in the six county area about eight times a year.   Competitions are held on weekday evenings and two Saturdays at nearby high schools or colleges.   We always look forward to sending our top students to  the State meet each May down at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana!  

The York Mathletes are a team!   Contact us at nmordini@elmhurst205.org or llahti@elmhurst205.org