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Susan Brown
Math Department Chairman


Amy Fuller
Core Academic Departments Secretary


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630-617-2400 x5265

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Students currently taking 8th grade Algebra can download some practice problems for the May 2017 Algebra Placement Test at this LINK.

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Helping Your Student Be Successful with High School Mathematics

Guidebook for Studying and Learning in STEM

Links to websites for purchasing computer software that we use:

      Geometer's Sketchpad

      True BASIC

MATH TOPICS on the new SAT


           Heart of Algebra - 33%

Analyze and  solve equations and systems 

Create and use linear equations and inequalities to solve problems 

Relate equations/inequalities and their graphs to solve problems


           Problem Solving and Data Analysis - 29%  

Analyze relationships using ratios, proportions, percentages, and units

Represent and analyze data

Find and apply probabilities in context


           Passport to Advanced Math - 28%

Identify and create equivalent algebraic expressions
Create, analyze, and solve quadratic and other nonlinear equations
Create, use and graph exponential, quadratic, and other functions
            Additional Topics in Math - 10%

Solve problems with area and volume 

Apply properties of lines, angles, triangles, and circles

Work with right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions


Helpful Resources

Information from the College Board about the SAT Math Test - LINK

SAT math practice on Khan Academy - LINK


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Resources for Math ACT Prep




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Mathematics Department

Bhimji, Alisha
Math Teacher abhimji@elmhurst205.org
Briggs, Serena
Mathematics Teacher sbriggs@elmhurst205.org
Brown, Susan
Math Department Chair sbrown@elmhurst205.org
Chmielinski, Jeffrey
Math Teacher jchmielinski@elmhurst205.org
Davelis, Craig
Math Teacher cdavelis@elmhurst205.org
Dorneker, Megan
Math Teacher mdorneker@elmhurst205.org
Forsythe, John
Math Teacher jforsythe@elmhurst205.org
Hall, Daniel
Math Teacher dhall@elmhurst205.org
Hart, Annie
Math Teacher
Higginbotham, Dina
Special Education Math Teacher dhigginbotham@elmhurst205.org
Johnson, Matthew
Math Teacher mjohnson@elmhurst205.org
Keller, Rebecca
Math Teacher rkeller@elmhurst205.org
Lahti, Linda
Math Team Coach
Lamb, Nolan
Math Teacher nlamb@elmhurst205.org
Laurich, Mark
Math Teacher mlaurich@elmhurst205.org
Leadaman, Sabrina
Math Teacher sleadaman@elmhurst205.org
Metcalf, Nicholas
Health/Driver Education/Special Education
Mordini, Nancy
Math Teacher nmordini@elmhurst205.org
Nolan, Jennifer
Math Teacher jnolan@elmhurst205.org
Oloris, Mary
Special Education Math Teacher moloris@elmhurst205.org
Ott, Elizabeth
Math Teacher eott@elmhurst205.org
Owens, Stacia
Math Teacher sowens@elmhurst205.org
Peng, Pency
Math / Special Education Teacher hpeng@elmhurst205.org
Schendel, Debra
Special Education Teacher dschendel@elmhurst205.org
Schoenberg, Max
Math Teacher mschoenberg@elmhurst205.org
Stipe, Leslie
Math Teacher lstipe@elmhurst205.org
Sundberg, Reed
Math Teacher/Aide rsundberg@elmhurst205.org
Weed, Rebecca
Math Teacher rweed@elmhurst205.org
Westerberg, Erik
Math Teacher ewesterberg@elmhurst205.org
Zalewska, Sylwia
ELL Mathematics szalewska@elmhurst205.org