York Community High School


Student Frequently Asked Questions

I need help from a teacher.  What can I do?  

The LC is staffed with English, science, and social studies teachers throughout the day.  There are also two teachers available before and after school to help you with your class and homework.  Click here  to see a schedule of teachers available throughout the day.


Where is the Testing Center and when is it open?  

The York Tutor Center and is open from 6:40 AM to 4:30 PM every day with the exception that on Late Start Wednesdays it opens at 7:30 AM. Click here for more information.


I need help finding a book. Where do I start? 

If you haven't met our librarian, Mrs. Drumm, you are missing out! She is the resident expert on books, periodicals, databases, research and so much more. Click here to access our online catalogs.


I'd like some help from a student tutor.  Where do I go?  

Visit the LC and speak with Ms. McGee; she will connect you with a great student tutor.  You may also e-mail her or click here  to see a schedule of available tutors.


I'd like to offer my services as a student tutor.  What should I do?  

Visit the LC South and talk to Ms. McGee. You may also email her.