York Community High School

Junior Programs

Junior Parent Night for College Planning

This program was held on Monday, October 15th. For those who missed it, or who might like to review the information covered, you can access several documents, below: Parent Handout, Slide Show Presentations, and a Form to assist in organizing.


An e-mail was sent on Sunday, October 21st to the primary parent/guardian e-mail accounts (pulled from powerschool) and to junior students with unique registration codes to utilize Naviance Student. People who are already registered received a separate notification on the same day. Parents and students each have their own access codes. Students can edit and use all the resources. Parents have lower levels of access to aid in the transition of students leading the way in their post-high school plans.


If you have any questions, please contact us in the CCRC or contact your child's counselor.


The Junior Parent Night Google Doc Slide Show can be viewed here: In English

The Junior Parent Night Google Doc Slide Show can be viewed here: In Spanish


The handout can be viewed here: In English


The left side of this form may be helpful as students research schools (right side is for the application process): Juniors Organizing for the College Application Process

Junior Planning Meetings

Meetings with all juniors are being held in early November. Both the Junior Planner and the powerpoint used during the presentations will be listed below. Reviewing these materials is not equivalent to attending the sessions but should provide students with essential information.


Junior Planner Handout:


Click HERE or URL below to  access Google Doc.




Junior Presentation: 



Juniors: The Essay

In addition to the work juniors do with their English teachers to better understand how to write a high quality admission essay, we hope the following links/resources will be helpful to you! Hyperlinks are posted along with the complete URL so you can copy/paste if the hyperlink doesn't work. 


More Tips on the Essay: Website here:



Tips from the National Association for College Admission Counseling: Website here:


Helpful Links for Juniors