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Gap Year Information

Why Consider a Gap Year?

Gap Year has been a common practice in the UK for years but has slowing been catching on in the US and elsewhere. Each year, York has seniors who determine that a gap year is the right choice for them. Most have applied to college during their senior year, accepted an offer of admission, and deferred their admission for a year, with consent of their college. Some decide to wait to apply to college during their gap year. We favor the first option as it gives students a firm plan and doesn't bind them with the complications of applying to college while they are participating in a gap year program that, potentially, may not allow them regular access to internet resources. In the vein, here are a few articles that may assist as students and families are considering all of their options.


Time Magazine: Why Your High School Senior Should Take A Gap Year.



Money Magazine: 5 Smart Reasons to Consider a Gap Year Before College



US News & World Report: 8 Things to Know About A Gap Year:



US News & World Report: 4 College Application Strategies for Gap Year Students: https://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/college-admissions-playbook/articles/2016-05-23/4-college-application-strategies-for-gap-year-students

Gap Year Resources

Here are a few organizations that collect information on a range of Gap Year Options:


USA Gap Year Fairs:



American Gap Association:



The Student Conservation Association:






City Year:



Dynamy Internship:



Global Volunteers:



Global Citizen Year: