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York School Counselors

Bendicsen, Cathleen
Counseling Department Chair cbendicsen@elmhurst205.org
Dollaske, Kara
School Counselor kdollaske@elmhurst205.org
Feldkamp-Pradhan, Julie
School Counselor jfeldkamp-pradhan@elmhurst205.org
Fuller, Andrew
School Counselor afuller@elmhurst205.org
Gardner, William
School Counselor wgardner@elmhurst205.org
Goldman, Karla
School Counselor kgoldman@elmhurst205.org
Julian, Lisa
School Counselor ljulian@elmhurst205.org
Oliveros, Diane
Bilingual Counselor/ELL Coordinator doliveros@elmhurst.org
Thompson, Amy
College and Career Counselor athompson@elmhurst205.org
Tucker, Ashley
School Counselor atucker@elmhurst205.org
Walz, Ryan
School Counselor rwalz@elmhurst205.org
Weber, Trisha
School Counselor tweber@elmhurst205.org

Counseling Internship 2019-2020

For School Counseling graduate students wishing to apply to be a counseling intern at York High School, our application for the 2019-2020 school year is now posted.  The position is posted on the District 205 website (Departments, Human Resources, Employment Opporunities) or hyperlinked HERE.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with a potential for an interview.  For specific inquiries, please contact Ashley Tucker, Counseling Internship Site Coordinator at atucker@elmhurst205.org.  


York High School is seeking interns for the 2019-20 school year. Applicants should be in the final year of a Master's Degree in Counseling program and working towards a Professional Educator License (PEL) in School Counseling. Interns will spend time with members of the counseling staff, the College & Career Counselor, and be exposed to the entire range of the profession including (but not limited to) time working with the Special Education department, Section 504, academic advisement and schedule creation, teaching Freshman Orientation and Guidance curriculum,  standardized testing implementation (PSAT, SAT), etc. Candidates should be able to commit to the entire 2019-2020 school year.  

Confidentiality Statement

Your confidentiality and privacy as a student is important to  us as school counselors. What you tell us will never be repeated unless you reveal information on harming yourself, harming others, situations of being physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, or we are required by the court or legal proceedings to do so. If there is ever a need to reveal information, we  will ensure that you are aware of this and we will work with you to handle the situation in a way that respects you, your feelings, and your needs. 

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Counseling Department

Course Selection 2018: FORMS AVAILBLE

  • Due to the change in timeline for course selection, the following timeline will be used.  This is for course selection for student's 2019-2020 classes. 
  • Freshman and Sophomores heard a comprehensive presentation about this process, changes to courses and the timeline on Wednesday, October 10th. 
  • Junior students will get this information in a presentation on Friday, October 26th.  Students should listen to announcements and read their emails for their 3rd period presentation location for 10/26/18.  
  • Class-specific packets with Course Selection worksheets were/will be distributed to students in their grade-level presentations by their counselor.  These packets are available for printing here as well (if lost, etc.).  
  • When students attend their Individual Course Selection Meeting with their counselor, they need to bring their COMPLETED Course Selection worksheet. 
  • It is important to familiarize oneself with York's Academic Policies when making choices for next school year.  York's Graduation Requirements are also important to know.   
  • Failure to participate in the Course Selection process may result in the student's counselor being forced to enter course selections on their behalf.  These selections may not be able to be changed.  
  • York High School makes many efforts to provide students and families with ample opportunities and resources in order to be able to make informed decisions regarding the levels of courses to take, selection with regard to post-secondary plans and elective opportunities that our school possesses.  For this reason, we encourage all students to take ownership in their process.    



October 10                        Course Selection Process Introduced to students

October 29 - Nov 9           Online course selection OPEN (*part of FOG lesson, *only for current freshman)
November 12 - 20             Current Junior Individual Course Selection Meetings
November 26 - Dec 4       Current Sophomore Individual Course Selection Meetings

December 5 - 12               Current Freshmen Individual Course Selection Meetings

January 15-17                   8th Grade Course Selections At D205 Middle Schools

January 18                        8th Grade Parochial School Course Selections At York High School 

January 22 & 23               Make-Up meetings
January  23                       Course Selections closed


Class of 2023 Materials:

Current 8th Grade (C.O. 2023) Course Selection Worksheet: Freshman Course Selection Worksheet 18-19.pdf (PDF)

Opt In Level Change Form: Opt In Forms.pdf (PDF)

Current 8th Grade Course Selection SAMPLE: Freshman Course Selection Sample Worksheet 18-19.pdf (PDF)

Course Code Sheet for quick reference: Freshman Course Code Sheet 19-20.pdf (PDF)


York counselors will be traveling to each D205 Middle School on January 15, 16,17.  Each 8th grade student will have a short individual appointment with their assigned counselor at their middle school.  It is the expectation the each student attend their appointment prepared: (1) Their course selection worksheet filled out (2) When applicable, the Opt In form filled out and signed. 


This appointment time is meant for the counselor and student to meet, to enter their selections into the system, and to answer any questions about courses and high school in general.  York counselors will host parochial students at York on January 18th by appointment after D205 registration has been completed with the front office.  


Class of 2022 Materials:

Current Freshman (C.O. 2022) Course Selection Worksheet: Sophomore Course Selection Worksheet 18-19(1).pdf (PDF)

Reminders for Freshmen: COURSE SELECTION REMINDERS for SOPHOMORE COURSES (current Freshmen).pdf (PDF)

Courses by Career Cluster (for current Freshmen): Career Cluster Sophomore Classes to take at York.pdf (PDF)


Class of 2021 Materials:

Current Sophomore (C.O. 2021) Course Selection Worksheet: Junior Course Selection Worksheet 18-19.pdf (PDF)

Reminders for Sophomores: COURSE SELECTION REMINDERS for JUNIOR COURSES (current Sophomores).pdf (PDF)

Courses by Career Cluster (for current Sophomores): Career Cluster Junior Classes to take at York.pdf (PDF)

TCD Application form (Due by December 14th)


Class of 2020 Materials:

Current Junior (C.O. 2020) Course Selection Worksheet: Senior Course Selection Worksheet 18-19.pdf (PDF)

Reminders for Juniors: COURSE SELECTION REMINDERS for SENIOR COURSES (current Juniors.pdf (PDF)

Courses by Career Cluster (for current Juniors): Career Cluster Senior Classes to take at York.pdf (PDF)

Academic PE Waiver Request form (Due by December 14th to your Counselor)

TCD Application form (Due by December 14th)

Articles and Resources!

Successful High School Students do THESE 10 THINGS (article)


10 Reasons Why Today's Teenagers Are So Anxious


For JUNIORS, especially:  How to begin post-secondary planning

In The News: Info You Want to Know!

Looking for the latest news and information in adolescent development, post-secondary trends and other hot topics?  Here are some great articles and resources that you may find helpful in your household:


"Growth Mindset": What is it?


Resources for Teaching Growth Mindset


How parents can hep in the college application process


Parents: Helping in the College Process and Maintaining Sanity!  


Help your counselor help you!


Resilient Teens: Helping your teen 'bounce back'


Mindset: What kind of mindset do you have?


Mission Statement

The overall mission of the York Counseling Department is to form strong connections with York students and families.  Through these connections, counselors support student's development through the areas of academic, career/college/post-secondary and social/emotional growth.  An underlying theme throughout the work of your student's counselor is "self-advocacy".  Self-advocacy, that is the individual's ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert their own interests, desires, needs and rights, is critical to develop throughout the high school experience.  This involves making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions.  

The York Counseling Department assists each student in the normal developmental tasks and challenges that all adolescents face.  York Community High School counselors are committed to the continual and reflective personal growth of our students.  The counseling program is designed to assist each student in learning skills and setting goals to reach one's potential in the academic, social/emotional and career/college/post-secondary domains.     

The majority of York students stay with the same counselor throughout their high school years and a strong attempt is made to allow counselors to remain with families when siblings attend York.  As York counselors, we have the responsibility to provide a comprehensive counseling program that is mindful of the developmental needs of all students.  Planning for the future is an important aspect of the counseling program. 

Freshman Orientation and Guidance (FOG) Curriculum

Freshman Mentoring Application 2019-20

The deadline for 2019-2020 Freshman Mentoring has passed.  Thank you to all those who applied!  Now that the application is closed, all applicants will be invited to sign up for and participate in a group interview.  Applicants will receive an email with instructions shortly.  In order to be considered as a Mentor applicant, the interview component MUST be completed.  Questions?  Email your counselor!  


In addition to the completed and submitted application, the following pieces of information will be used to determine the 2019-2020 Freshman Mentors:

1.  Interview 

2. Assignment (part of the interview process)

3. Academic Standing (C or 2.00 GPA average minimum)

4. Discipline Record

5. Historical Attendance

6. Signed Statement of Commitment

Academic Resources

There are a variety of ways in which students can seek support within the walls of YHS!  

From Peer Tutoring in the Learning Commons, the Math Lab, the Test Make-Up Center (TMC) and our College and Career Resouce Center (CCRC), we have a lot to offer.  

Academic Resources for York Students

Academic Supports During the School Day

Learning Commons & Test Make-Up Center

Transcript Request Form

Attendance Office & Absence Guidelines

AP Course Descriptions

ACP Program Information

College and Career Corner

York's College & Career Resource Counselor is Mrs. Amy Thompson.  The work that Mrs. Thompson does complements the comprehensive counseling services that the York Counseling Department provides throughout each student's high school career.  

Junior and Senior students receive the most direct-services from the CCRC, but all students are encouraged to discuss post-secondary planning with their assigned school counselor, in addition to utilizing York's post-secondary planning resources: Naviance and Career Cruising.  

Link to: College & Career Resource Center

Link to: Career Cruising

Link to: Naviance Family Connection 

Standardized Testing

York's CEEB Code is 141-805.  This code is necessary when registering for a standardized college admissions test.  

College and Career Exploration and Planning

PE Medical Limitation Form