York Community High School

Colleges Visiting York

Message for College & Military Representatives

College and Military Representatives are invited to schedule a visit to meet with York juniors and seniors during the non-lunch periods on student attendance days. You are welcome to schedule one visit per semester. To schedule your visit, please call or email our CCRC Secretary from her contact information on the CCRC Welcome Page.

Some things our Reps should know:

  • Visits are scheduled during class periods and are set to begin per the bell schedule.
  • Students may sign up to attend the visit but must receive approval from their classroom teacher to miss class.
  • Representatives are encouraged to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the visit to park and check in with our Attendance Office.
  • Parking is available in the Main Lot, with designated Visitor Spaces that face Saint Charles Road and are located in the southwest corner of the lot. If all Visitor Parking is taken, our Campus Supervisors will allow Representatives to park in the yellow, lined spaces at the end of the rows in the main lot AS LONG AS YOUR BUSINESS CARD IS PLACED ON YOUR DASHBOARD. This will ensure that others are not parking in undesignated spaces and provides you with some flexibility on days when our lot is very full. Because your time at York is about an hour or less, our Campus Supervisor has approved this temporary parking option. Again, this is ONLY if all Visitor Spots are taken.
  • The Main Entrance to York is near the northeast corner of the lot. You must ring the bell to have a Campus Supervisor let you in and you must provide a valid ID, which will be scanned for security purposes. All visitors are asked to wear a lanyard, which will be given to you when you check in. Your ID will be held until you leave.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Mary Armstrong or Amy Thompson via phone or email. We are glad that you are making the time to visit with us and our students!

Interested in a College?

A complete list of college visits can be found in Naviance on the Colleges tab. 

Students can sign up via Naviance and then can stop by the CCRC PRIOR to the day of the visit. Over-use or misuse of this privilege, will result in loss of this privilege. 

College & Military Representatives Visiting 2018 - 2019

Date Name of College Period Time
March 13 U of Missouri-Columbia 8 2:28 
March 18 STEM: Iowa State, Michigan Tech, U Cincinnati 3 9:36 
March 18 Kansas State University 8 2:16 
March 20 Colorado State 8 2:28 
April 1 Illinois Wesleyan University 3 9:36
April 2 Aurora University 3 9:35 
April 3 Illinois Institute of Technology 1 9:25 
April 3 University of Kentucky 7 1:45
April 10

University of Maryland -

College Park

7 1:20 
April 10 Transylvania University 8 2:16
April 11 Western Illinois University 7 1:20 
April 16 U.S. Army Recruiter 7 1:20