York Community High School

Drafting for Construction

Course Description

#0571 Drafting for Construction

Grades 9-12 / 1 Semester-1.0 credit


This is a beginning course in Computer-Aided Drafting designed for the student interested in the construction industry. Utilizing CAD software students will experience sketching, geometric construction, orthographic projection, dimension standards, and pictorial drawings with a focus on building trades. This course reinforces elements of design, geometry, math, physics, computer concepts and visual arts.   Students will do their work using AutoCAD on Windows-based PCs.  This course is a must for anyone considering a career in architecture, construction, and any career that requires blueprint reading such as carpentry, plumbing, and electricians. Students who complete this course and Wood Technology 1 can move on to the Advanced Construction capstone course.


Course Teacher

Stolz III, Joseph
Graphic Communications Teacher jstolz@elmhurst205.org