York Community High School

College Level Courses (Dual Credit)

Dual credit courses provide high school students in grades 9 through 12 with the opportunity to enroll in selected courses for which they will receive both college and high school credit. To be assured that a college course will transfer to a particular college or university, please go to the web site of the specific college or university, or to www.itransfer.org.

Classes are taught at the high school during the regular school day by high school teachers who are also approved as adjunct faculty at College of DuPage or Indiana University. Students pursing dual credit should remember that these courses become part of your permanent collegiate level academic record. The grade earned for a dual credit class will appear on the college transcript.

College Of DuPage

Students in College of DuPage dual credit courses are dually enrolled at York and COD and have full access to College of DuPage resources. Dual credit is open to all Junior and Senior students. Sophomore and Freshman students may be able to earn dual credit if they obtain the appropriate written recommendation and approval from the course instructor. At the time of this publication there is currently no fee associated with obtaining the college credits offered through the dual credit program. Students can earn these college credits for free while still in high school. 



2D Game Design Honors
CIS 1211 (3 Semester Hours) (New in 2017-2018)

Business Management Honors (more info) 
Management 1100 (3 semester Hours)

Invitation to Teach (more info)
Semester 1 = Education 1100 (3 Semester Hours)
Semester 2 = Education 1101 (3 Semester Hours)

Food and Restaurant Management (more info)
*Culinary 1120 - Sanitation - (1 Semester Hour)
(New in 2016-2017, Students must pass ServSafe exam with a 75% or higher and earn FSSMC certification)

Principles of Physics Technology (more info)
Electronics 1110 (2 Semester Hours)

Architectural Drafting/CAD Honors (more info)
COD Architecture 1211 (3 Semester Hours)

Technical Drafting/CAD (year) (more info) 
Manufacturing 1101 (2 Semester Hours)



Pending Approval from COD

Computer Concepts
OFTI 1200 (3 Semester Hours)


Indiana University (Advance College Project)

#0740 Personal Finance 101 Honors

Grades 11-12 / 1 Semester High Weighted - 1.0 HS credit
Dual Credit with Indiana University (Business F260—3 Credit Hours)
Fulfills the Consumer Education graduation ...more