York Community High School

Wood Production

Course Teacher

Calenberg, Daniel (630) 617-2400 ex.7341 Industrial Tech Teacher dcalenberg@elmhurst205.org

Course Description

#0564 Wood Production

Grades 10-12 / Full Year Course2.0 credits
Prerequisite:  Wood Technology 2

This course is designed for the student interested in learning woodworking production techniques used in industry.  Students will further apply STEM concepts through a mass-produced project that will be the primary focus of this course. There will also be a focus on proper care, maintenance and repair of woodworking equipment.  The lumber and furniture industries are investigated, and a study is made of present and future possibilities of these fields from an occupational and economic viewpoint.  The Construction Career Cluster is  studied as well as present and future possibilities of these career fields. Apprenticeship programs are discussed.  Students that complete all three levels of woodworking often have the opportunity to enter an apprenticeship program of  their choice.