York Community High School

Auto Consumer Ownership

Course Teacher

Robak, Ronald (630) 617-2400 ex.7316 Industrial Technology Teacher rrobak@elmhurst205.org

Course Description

#0538  Auto Consumer Ownership

Grades 9-12/ 1 Semester —1 credit
Consumer Ed. Credit
Prerequisite: none
Fulfills the Consumer Education graduation requirement

This course provides a hands-on approach to the main areas of consumer education required by the state for graduation through the study of automobile ownership.  This class relates consumer topics in the appropriate context as it relates to owning and maintaining a large purchase such as an automobile.  This class will also instruct students in the requirements for enhancing the overall satisfaction of being an automobile consumer. Lessons will include when and how to perform routine maintenance on your car; how to identify car problems; and fundamental emergency tips, such as changing a flat tire.  The student who successfully completes this class will receive consumer education credit for graduation.