York Community High School

Career Internship

Special Programs Application Timeline and Information for 2018-2019 School Year

Applications and specific deadlines will be posed in December. 



  • Junior Registration Meetings (End of January-Beginning of February)

    • Students should discuss their desire to enroll in Career Internship with their counselor during their registration meeting.

    • This does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Students must also submit the appropriate application by the deadline. The applications give further information about candidate selection and when students will be notified if they have been accepted into the course.

  • End of January - Parking Application to Mr. McGuire in room C123 (Students who are accepted for the Invitation to Teach course may receive priority consideration for a parking spot if the parking application is received by the indicated due date) 

  • End of February - Submit online application

Course Description

#0854 Career Internship I

Grades 10-12 (minimum age 16) / Full year Course - 4.0 credits
Fulfills Consumer Education Requirement for Graduation

Students will gain experience in a career field of their ...more


Borel, Jim
Business Department Chair jborel@elmhurst205.org