York Community High School

Career Internship

Career Internship course enrollment information for the 2019-2020 School year


  • Junior Registration Meetings begin on November 12th, 2018.

    • Students should discuss their desire to enroll in one of the courses listed below with their counselor during their registration meeting.

    • This does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Students must also submit the appropriate application by the deadline. The applications give further information about candidate selection and when students will be notified if they have been accepted into the course.


Due Dates:

  • Career Internship Application Due: No course application.

Career Internship



Students must have access to transportation for Med Careers, Invite to Teach, or Career Internship: the school district does not provide transportation to off-site class experiences.

Students wishing to receive priority consideration for a parking spot due to enrollment in this program must submit their parking application by the deadline for the general lottery. Spots will be assigned at the start of the school year once course enrollment in Med Careers, Invite to Teach, or Career Internship has been verified; however, if you choose to drop the class, your parking spot will be revoked since it was assigned as part of enrollment in Med Careers, Invite to Teach, or Career Internship.

Course Description

#0854 Career Internship I

Grades 10-12 (minimum age 16) / Full year Course - 4.0 credits
Fulfills Consumer Education Requirement for Graduation

Students will gain experience in a career field of their ...more


Borel, Jim
Business Department Chair jborel@elmhurst205.org