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Fleming, Beth (630) 617-2400 ex.7223 English Teacher efleming@elmhurst205.org

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Welcome to York High School English!

Welcome, students! I'm excited to work with all of you this year as you continue your educational journey. I hope that together we can learn, grow, and become critical thinkers. If you leave in May with a new perspective on the world and a sense of knowing how to question, then we have succeeded tremendously! Please check in with your specific webpage as we will use this as a hub for essential information. Have a great year!

My Reading Autobiography

I love to read--so much so that sometimes I have to "ground" myself from reading in order to do everyday things, like laundry, making dinner, or playing with my children! HOWEVER, I know that this will not be everyone's story, and I don't expect it to be. You will not be expected to love reading, but you will be expected to understand and embrace its purpose. I hope that by sharing my experience, you can begin to develop your own relationship with books (or newspapers, websites, journals, etc.)


While I always enjoyed a good story, I did not realize the true power of words until my junior year when I read Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Never had I been more moved or more impassioned by a character. Never had I felt so raw. Looking back, the experience of reading this book may have been the reason why I wanted to teach, although I would not have recognized this at the time. This book taught me to question my relationship with the world, to think about how I could live differently so that ignorance and hatred could be squashed, and to embrace the true power of being a woman. 


You may not ever feel this strongly about a novel, but you may about an article, an activity, or a topic that we share in class. My hope for each of you is that through reading and discussion, you can get one step closer to learning something about the world, about yourself, or about the power that words can have on thought. For no matter what path you choose, the power to think will be of utmost importance. Here's to a good sharing a good book with all of you...

About Me


  • St. Pius X–Lombard, IL (1-8)
  • Montini High School–Lombard, IL (High School Diploma)
  • Univ. of IL–Urbana-Champaign, IL (B.A. English)
  • Northern Illinois University–Dekalb, IL (M.A. English)


Fun Facts:

  • I was born at Elmhurst Hospital and raised in Lombard in my dad's childhood home.
  • I was a three-sport athlete in high school and got to play at Red Bird Arena in the IHSA Women's State Basketball Tournament.
  • I drove a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme senior year of high school–it smelled like old, rotting vinyl/vomit, but I was thrilled to have my own car. 
  • I taught at York from 2001-2005 before I had my children. I'm so THRILLED to be back.