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Applications of Foods


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McDonough, Ashley (630) 617-2400 ex.7399 Family and Consumer Science Teacher amcdonough@elmhurst205.org

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Looking for Student Leaders!

Attention students!  Are you thinking about a career in education?  Do you enjoy working with indivdiuals with specialized needs?  We need you to be a peer leader in our Applications of Foods classroom!  Please talk to Mrs. Albert or Mrs. McDonough in the FCS office (Room A122) or see your counselor to sign up!

Talk to your Counselor and Enroll as a Student Leader today!

#087L Applications of Foods Student Leader

Grades 9-12 / 1 Semester—1.0 credit


Students will act as leaders to students with moderate to severe disabilities as they explore a variety off basic food preparation skills in the foods lab kitchen. Students assist in lab preparation, classroom activities, and engaging other students in conversations about class related topics. This course will help students gain an understanding of how to work with individuals who have diverse needs. Students considering careers in education, special education, and social work will benefit from this unique leadership experience.


Course Description

#0878 Applications of Foods

Grades 9-12 / 1 Semester—1.0 credit
Prerequisite:  IEP recommendation or counselor placement

Students in Applications of Foods will benefit from instruction that focuses on functional skills within a kitchen setting. The delivery of instruction will meet the needs of students with moderate and severe disabilities.  This course will develop basic life skills as students prepare meals and meet kitchen cleanliness standards.  It will build upon skills that students have learned in the Functional Skills classroom setting.  Students will cook and prepare meals while focusing on attaining specific cooking skills such as cutting, grating, stirring, cracking eggs, opening cans, spreading, microwaving, using a toaster, washing dishes, sanitizing kitchen surfaces and understanding nutritional concepts. Students will have the opportunity to interact with grade level peers who are student leaders for the course.