York Community High School

World Religions

World Religions

0196 World Religions

Grades 10-12 / 1 Semester Course—1.0 credit

*NCAA approved course


Religion has historically been, and continues to be, a force that shapes cultures and individual identities throughout the world.  It is impossible to understand history without taking into account the impact that various religions have had on social dynamics and the emergence of regional ideologies:  Judaism and Christianity in Europe and the Americas; Islam in the Arab World; Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism in the Far East.  Likewise, it is difficult to understand current global and domestic trends, conflicts, and social movements without a substantive grasp of the basic tenets and practices of world religions.  As our students graduate into an increasingly globalized world and culturally diverse American populace, providing them with an opportunity to become culturally literate in regards to religious belief systems and their impact on society is warranted.