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Research in the Social Sciences

Research in the Social Sciences

0194 Research in Social Science Honors

Grades 10-12 / 1 Semester High Weighted Course – 1.0 credit

Prerequisite: A/B average in all previous high school work or Social Studies teacher recommendation 


Curiosity has driven humankind’s search for meaning and knowledge for thousands of years.  Channeling that curiosity into systematic methods of asking questions, making observations, and analyzing information has produced a diverse and abundant body of knowledge in the social sciences, natural sciences, history, the humanities, and beyond.  This course immerses students in the rich tradition of scholarly research, providing them with unique and empowering opportunities to learn the process by pursuing topics and questions of their own choice.  Students will engage directly in developing research questions, source and data collection, source and data analysis, and presentation of findings in a variety of media.  The classroom experience will be collaborative, dynamic, and highly student-centered.  A capstone project will capture the breadth of the research process and will showcase students’ efforts, learning, and passion.


Rationale:  Proficiency in research methodology is a critical component of college and career readiness, bringing together into one process a variety of academic skills that are often addressed in isolation.  College-bound students interested in enrolling in AP classes and/or interested in pursuing degrees in the social and natural sciences would benefit from this course. This course fulfills the Social Studies Elective requirement for graduation.


Teachers who teach Research in Social Science Honors: