York Community High School

Ms. Turnbull 17-18

Schedule and  Availability

Semester 1

Period 1: Psychology - A320

Period 2: Psychology - A320

Period 3: AP Psych - A320

Period 4: PREP - in A320

Period 5: OFF

Period 6: AP Psychy A320

Period 7: AP Psych A320

Period 8: PREP - in A320


Semester 2

Period 1: Psychology - A320

Period 2: PREP - in A320

Period 3: AP Psych - A320

Period 4: Study Tables - Learning Commons

Period 5: OFF

Period 6: AP Psych A320

Period 7: AP Psych A320

Period 8: Psychology - A320


Available before and after school as well

Winter After School: Unavailable due to Bowling

Katie Turnbull

Ms. Turnbull's 2017-2018 Resources

Important information to know

AP Psych and Regular Psych workflow: We will be using google classroom.

Students, please go to https://classroom.google.com and enter the code provided by the teacher.

Parents may track their child's progress via e-mail or on powerschool.



Regular Psychology Syllabus

AP Psychology Syllabus

Additional AP Psych Resources: Grading Description, Course Description & Exam Information



AP Psychology Textbook: Myers, David G, Psychology for AP, 2nd Ed. New York: Worth Publishers 2014

There is no textbook for regular psychology. We use a Dynamic Resource collection. Students will receive a packet of readings and activities for each unit and it is their responsibility to use and bring this to class each day.

Ms. Turnbull's 2015-2016 Website

Please go to my Google Site for everything class related for the 2015-2016 school year

Ms. Turnbull's Google Site


Contact Me

Turnbull, Katie
AP Psychology/Social Studies Teacher kturnbull@elmhurst205.org

Ms. Turnbull's College Recommendation Form

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Assignment Calendar

Ms. Turnbull

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The Fun Theory! :)

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