York Community High School

Creative Writing

Grades 10-12 / 1 Semester - 1.0 credit

Prerequisite:  English 9

If taken as an underclassman, Creative Writing does NOT fulfill a senior English requirement.


Creative Writing is a one-semester course designed to provide students the opportunity to explore a variety of writing styles including creative non-fiction, poetry, short fiction and script writing.  Students write often, constructing a writer's portfolio and developing the craft of writing by applying the techniques and devices of effective imaginative writing for an audience beyond the writer herself or himself.  To develop their craft, students engage in a number of pre-writing activities designed to spur composition, analyze published writers’ work, workshop their pieces in small and large group settings, and engage in revision processes.   Following the workshop model, writers in the class frequently share their writing with their peers for feedback and to learn skills of objectively critiquing the writing of others; additionally, each genre exploration culminates in a celebration of the students’ writing through print,  media, or performance. Creative Writing provides experience and audience for those who  love to write, those who are interested in learning the craft of writing, those who wish to share the enjoyment of writing with others, or those who wish to learn more about writing in order to better appreciate what writers do. 


Creative Writing Teachers

Drumm, Erica (630) 617-2400 ex.7259 English Teacher edrumm@elmhurst205.org
Shah, Aakash (630) 617-2400 ex.7367 English Teacher ashah@elmhurst205.org