York Community High School

York-hi Staff

Grades 10-12 / Full Year Course - 2.0 credits

Prerequisite:  Students participate in an application process. This course does not fulfill elective English credit.


Students enrolled in the York-hi class gain practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of newspaper journalism including news and sports reporting, feature and editorial writing, desktop publishing and advertising.  The York-hi is a true-to-life, working newspaper that simulates the critical thinking,  problem-solving, time management and organization skills that professional newspaper staffs require.  Staff membership on the York-hi requires teamwork, responsibility, accountability and a rigorous devotion to deadlines.  Applications for the York-hi Staff are available in room A315 during the second semester for the upcoming school year.


York-hi Advisor

Lampa, Kim (630) 617-2400 ex.7175 English Teacher / York-hi Adviser klampa@elmhurst205.org