York Community High School

Popular Literature

Grade 12 / 1 Semester  – 1.0 credit

Prerequisite:  Students must have earned credit for English 11 orAdvanced Placement Language and Composition


Popular Literature is a one semester course that explores both the concept of popularity as well as literature that is typically deemed "popular."  Students are prompted to develop their literacy skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening to texts that define popularity and explore the reasons behind its rise and fall.  Specifically, students develop their ability to write with clarity, purpose, and according to accepted standards; read with comprehension while demonstrating the ability to critically analyze what they read; engage others in public discussion about issues generated by the reading; and closely attend to the thoughts and ideas generated by others. In addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking about several core texts, students in this class also engage in independent readings of popular texts they find personally appealing.  Readings will include contemporary authors and span several genres such as science fiction, mystery, horror and nonfiction.  As well as reading traditional literature for this course, students have the opportunity to analyze texts not commonly perceived as "literature" including popular phenomena such as music, newspapers, visual art, magazines, movies and other non-traditional "texts."


Pop Lit Teachers

Carrillo, Benjamin (630) 617-2400 ex.7148 English Teacher bcarrillo@elmhurst205.org
Gwizdala, Kimberly (630) 617-2400 ex.7215 English Teacher kgwizdala@elmhurst205.org