York Community High School


Grade 12 / Full Year Course - 2.0 credits

Prerequisite:  Students must have earned credit for English 11 orAdvanced Placement Language and Composition


Humanities introduces students to the cultures of various civilizations throughout history including those of the ancient world, the Medieval period, the Renaissance, the Baroque age, Romanticism, Industrialism, and the 20th century.  Examination of these periods will take students into the study of history, philosophy, literature, drama, art, music, architecture, and related fields. Areas of development include critical and analytical writing skills, multi-media organizational and research skills, and development of an effective writing style.  This course uses a college-level text.  A study of humanities is a study of the values, dreams, attitudes, and creativity of humankind, a study which is important to one's understanding of what has occurred and of what is currently occurring in the world that seniors will soon face.


Humanities Teachers

Fleming, Sheila (630) 617-2400 ex.7184 English Teacher sfleming@elmhurst205.org