York Community High School

Multicultural Literature

Grade 12 / Full Year Course - 2.0 credits

Prerequisite:  Students must have earned credit for English 11 or Advanced Placement Language and Composition


This elective class focuses on relatively recent works of literature by writers from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  The works represent a variety of genres:  short fiction, novels, plays, poems and non-fiction prose.  The literature selections include works from African-American, Asian-American, Latin American and Native-American writers.  The selections include the works of authors who are often neglected in the traditionalcanon.  Students will engage in discussion about the literature and write in response to what they have read.  This course offers a unique opportunity to delve into non-traditional literature and explore suggested themes.  Students will connect the body of literature selections through the study of such unifying themes as displacement, the importance of family and tradition, the shaping of identity, comingof age, justice and fairness, personal freedom and social responsibility, and making sense of the modern world.