York Community High School

ELL American Government

#0124 ELL  American Government

Grade 10 / 1 Semester - 1.0 credit

Prerequisite:  Students must be enrolled in the ELL program

American Government is the second course in the social studies core course sequence.  It provides a blend of political science, government and civic curricular goals.  In practical ways, students learn about the constitutional structure and behavioral trends in the American political system.  Areas of study include political ideology, the electoral process, policymaking, constitutional interpretation and the analysis of current events.  A special focus is placed on fostering an individual sense of civic duty and pride.  In addition, this course emphasizes the frequent use of higher order thinking skills in its examination of the American system of government and strives to cultivate in students a nuanced, analytical mindset.  Development of research skills and of the four language domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), in the context of the social studies, will be emphasized.   This course fulfills the American Government graduation requirement for ELL students as well as the state mandated U.S. and Illinois Constitution tests.


Rationale: ELL students will be receiving instruction of content that is comparable to mainstream students; however, the language of instruction will be sheltered so that it is more accessible to students who are still acquiring general and academic English skills.