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2015 Citizenship Awards

To:  York Citizenship Award Nominees:

Congratulations!    You have been nominated for the York High School Citizenship Award!   

Please complete the back side of the colored nomination notification form you received in class.   List your current class schedule; identify the period, subject and name of the teacher for each class.   In addition, identify any extra-curricular activities, both in and outside of school, as well as the coaches and/or sponsors of those activities.  Please write NEATLY so it can be read.   Please include the email address of the sponsor(s) of your outside activities.

  1. Download the following attached forms for your grade level.
         Classroom Teacher Rating
         School Activity Sponsor Rating
    Make as many copies of the forms as needed to complete the following:   
    One classroom teacher form for each currently enrolled class
    One school activity sponsor form for each activity (in-school activity ONLY)

    Please note:   Although we are asking you to list your outside/community activities, you do not need to fill out a form for these activities.  Simply provide the email address for the sponsors  - the committee will communicate with these sponsors via email.
  2. PRINT your name legibly on the top of each of the forms.  Also PRINT the name of your teacher and the subject.  That is, put your name, the name of your 1st period teacher and the name of your first period class on page one - Your name, the name of your 2nd period teacher and subject on page two, and so on.   Do the same for the in-school extra-curricular sheets, as needed.    DO NOT HAVE YOUR TEACHERS FILL OUT THE FORMS - THE CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE WILL SUBMIT THE FORMS TO YOUR TEACHERS.
  3. Once you have completed the above, STAPLE the sheets to the COLORED nomination form you received in class and turn the packet into the Math Office - Room A265 - by Tuesday, March 24th  - No forms will be accepted after this date.

If you have questions concerning this procedure, please see Mr. Laurich in room A277 before school or ask one of the following math teachers: Mr. Laurich, Mrs Stipe, or Ms. Bhimji.

Congratulations on your nomination! 

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