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Recommendation Request Forms

After you have requested a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or counselor, you must complete the forms below and send/give them to each person. One of the counselor forms is for your parent(s) to complete. The information you provide on these forms will help your teacher and/or counselor to write a stronger letter. The more effort you put into completing these forms, the better! Keep in mind that each college may have their own form that each recommender must complete in addition to writing a letter. Check this out so that you can keep your recommender(s) informed of the process they must follow to submit a recommendation on your behalf.


NOTE: Students should confirm if these forms are the forms your recommender prefers. While most faculty and staff will use the CCRC forms, some do have their own forms. Please ASK!


Forms You May Need (Word):

Request for Teacher Recommendation

Request for Counselor Recommendation-Student Form

Request for Counselor Recommendation-Parent Form


Forms You May Need (Google Docs):

Request for Teacher Recommendation: 


Request for Counselor Recommendation - Student Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Or7zUfYBSgy0cipDweo9oqUKPZ2Pn7Wu5HYgWLCtNok/edit?usp=sharing

Request for Counselor Recommendation - Parent Form:


For Current Seniors

Transcript Requests for Scholarships: Request Form for Current Seniors

For York High School Alumni

Getting Organized

The following document might be helpful to you and your family as you finalize your list of colleges.

Organizing the College Application Process