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Principles of Physics Technology

Course Teacher

Ross, Ken (630) 617-2446 Industrial Tech. Dept. Leader: SkillsUSA Advisor kross@elmhurst205.org

Course Overview

Course Overview
This course provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics, the development of problem-solving ability, and the connections of physics with history and society.

Course Requirements

Texts: Principles of Technology

Units: Force, Work, Resistance, Energy, Momentum, Waves Vibrations, Optical Systems.
Equipment Materials Needed
1. Texts and Lab Manuals
2. Penc ...more
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Course Description

#0515 Principles of Physics Technology

Grades 9 -12 / Full Year Lab Course—2.0 HS credits (Student may elect to receive either a science or practical arts credit)
Dual Credit with College of DuPage
(Electronics 1110 - 2 Semester Hours)

This course focuses on the teaching of traditional physics concepts in the context of their relationship to industry and the four energy systems: mechanical, fluid, electrical and thermal. This course allows the student to apply physics concepts and principles to workplace situations with hands–on labs.  This course also teaches the mathematical and scientific principles behind the technology we use everyday.  This course will be beneficial for the student who is interested in the STEM applications of technology and physics but does not choose to enroll in a traditional physics course.