York Community High School

Architecture Drafting CAD Honors

Course Teacher

Calenberg, Daniel (630) 617-2400 ex.7341 Industrial Tech Teacher dcalenberg@elmhurst205.org

Course Descriptions

#0561 Architectural Drafting/CAD Honors

Grades 10-12 / Full Year Course—2.0 HS credits
Prerequisite: Minimum of
1 semester of Technical Drafting/CAD
Dual Credit with College of DuPage
(Architecture 1211 — 3 Semester Hours)

Dual credit is open to all Junior and Senior Students. Sophomore students need to be recommended by the classroom teacher  in order to receive dual credit.

This is the most specialized of all the drafting courses offered at York. The comprehensive STEM course focuses on architectural drafting skills combined with the knowledge of house design, layout construction methods, materials and use of building codes enable the student to design and draw a complete set of original plans for a house of his or her own design.  Upon completion of the course, the student will have drawn the foundation, floor plans, elevations, wall section, stair design, door/window schedules, and either a  two-point perspective or 3D model of their house design.  Students will do their work on a computer using windows based Autodesk 2D and 3D modeling software.  Students may also choose to construct a scale model or other approved model of their choice.


#0597 Architectural Drafting/CAD: STEM Applications

Grades 11-12 /1 Semester— 1 credit

Prerequisite:  Architectural Drafting/CAD   

With instructor consultation students will develop a STEM applications architectural project.  The project will have the appropriate STEM content and  level of complexity to challenge the student. This class demonstrates that the student has pursued his/her interest in Architectural Drafting/CAD and demonstrates a higher level of proficiency and excellence to post secondary institutions and private industry.


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