York Community High School

Intermediate Guitar

 #0928 Intermediate (Class)  Acoustic Guitar

Grades 9-12 / Full year course - 2.0 credits

Prerequisite: Previous guitar experience


This course is designed for the student with  some guitar background who is interested in  more serious study on the acoustic guitar.  Although students are not required to have  previous experience reading music to take this level of study, they should possess some technical ability on the instrument. The student will begin with basic musical concepts:  learn to tune the guitar, read musical notation and chord tablature, and experience melodic and basic chord performance.  Advanced study will include:   further development of technical skills through the performance of scales, advanced chords and melodies; and the study of basic harmony and theory concepts leading into original compositions and the accompaniment of advanced melodies.  The student will demonstrate successful performance of folk and rock songs at the varying levels of difficulty.  The student must furnish an acoustic guitar (electric guitar is not permitted).

Pavlik, Michael
Performing Arts Teacher mpavlik@elmhurst205.org