York Community High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FCCLA’s Mission?

 To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education.

Who can join FCCLA?

 Anyone who is enrolled, or has taken a class in the family and consumer sciences area!

How can I get involved?

 Talk to your FCS teacher and find out when the chapter of your interest meets!

Is this a NEW organization?

 FCCLA is the second largest NATIONAL student organization. It started in 1945 with the name “Future Home Makers of America”. In the 1990’s the name was changed to reflect changing times and to focus on the leadership building aspect of the organization. FCCLA has been a part of York high school forover 30 years!

Who else is in this organization?

 Since 1945 FCCLA has had a record 9 million affiliated students. Today the organization has approximately 225,000 active students in 7000 different chapters in all 50 states! York has approximately 90 current members in all areas of interest in the family and consumer sciences from interior design, family and interpersonal relationships, parenting and child development, career preparation/work program, clothing construction, and the culinary arts!

What do you do in this organization?

 Depending on your area of interest in the family and consumer sciences, you can develop specific skills which will help you to prepare for a variety of different competitions. You can also participate in chapter service projects, and a variety of leadership conferences!