York Community High School

Gourmet Foods

Course Teacher

McDonough, Ashley (630) 617-2400 ex.7399 Family and Consumer Science Teacher amcdonough@elmhurst205.org

For questions about Mrs. McDonough's classes from 10/12 - 12/22 please contact her sub, Linda Snyder. LSnyder@elmhurst205.org or the department chair. 

Course Description

Grades 10-12 / 1 Semester - 1.0 credit Prerequisite: Chef’s Corner, or Department Chairperson Approval.  

Gourmet foods is for the student who enjoys cooking and wants to explore advanced culinary techniques. Hone your knife skills through multiple knife skills practice labs, and become an expert at moist and dry heat cooking methods for a variety of foods. Explore specialty techniques and ingredients used to make salads, sandwiches, appetizers and more. Practice the principles of sauce cookery and stock making. Learn to make fresh pasta and how to customize recipes and make them your own. Practice garnishing techniques, and learn how to plate elegant and sophisticated foods. Plan, prepare and cook a complete gourmet meal. Practice these advanced and specialty techniques in many hands on lab experiences. This course makes a great stepping stone for students continuing in the Culinary Arts.   Rationale: This course builds upon the basic cooking skills learned in chef’s corner. This class is recommended for students planning to pursue a degree in the culinary arts as well as culinary enthusiasts. 

Gourmet Foods

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