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Child Development & Preschool Lab


Crist, Laurie (630) 617-2400 ex.7272 Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Lcrist@elmhurst205.org

Course Description

#0831 Child Development/Preschool Lab

Grades 9-12 / Full Year Course* - 2.0 credits

*Students must earn a B or higher first semester in order to continue into the preschool lab second semester. 


Students will learn about the development of young children from prenatal development through the preschool years.  Students will study the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of young children. Students will also learn about age appropriate lesson planning, teaching lessons and how to conduct observations. During second semester students will teach children in the Little Dukes Preschool. The preschool serves children ages 3-5 from the community. High school students conduct lessons, stories, games, music and art projects, with the children and prepare a case study portfolio on one preschooler.  The skills learned in this class can be transferred to any career related to young children. Students who plan to pursue careers involving children such as education, child psychology, recreation, counseling, child care, or those who just enjoy working with and learning about them, should take this course. After completing Child Development students may enroll in a second semester of the pre-school lab, or move into the Invitation to Teach program to further their experience working with young children.


Little Dukes Preschool Program Information

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