York Community High School

Introduction to Family & Consumer Science


Please contact the following teachers for questions about summer school:


  • Intro to FCS - first 3 weeks - Room A123: Wendy Albert
  • Intro to FCS - first 3 weeks - Room A129: Lindsey Goldsmith/Laurie Foss
  • Intro to FCS - 6 week classes, Periods 1 & 2 - Room A133: Kristen Olsen
  • Intro to FCS - second 3 weeks - Room A123: Lindsey Goldsmith/Laurie Foss
  • Chef's Corner - 6 week classes, Periods 1 & 2 - Room A125: Elizabeth Regalado

Summer School director:  Bill Riddle


Foss, Laurie (630) 617-2400 ex.7272 Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher lfoss@elmhurst205.org
Goldsmith, Lindsey (630) 617-2400 ex.7106 Family and Consumer Science Teacher lgoldsmith@elmhurst205.org

Course Description

#0816 Introduction to Family & Consumer Sciences

Grades 9-12 / 1 Semester - 1.0 credit. 
Fulfills Consumer Education requirement for graduation

During the semester you will explore personal financial management topics and areas of study within Family and Consumer Sciences through activities and hands-on projects. You will receive credit for Consumer Education through this course. Students will explore potential careers, practice personal budgeting, learn about insurance, banking, credit and other financial management concepts. Family and Consumer Science units of study may include learning how to become a smart shopper, planning and preparing a meal, studying the ages and stages of development of small children and planning the design and furnishing of a room.  Units studied each semester are dependent on room availability within the department.