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Auto Club Fact Sheet

The York High School Auto Club was started by a group of students in 2000.  It's mission is to further the education of students in the field of Energy and Transportation, and give students additional knowledge, hand-on experience in the field of Automotive Technology, Collision Repair, and Outdoor Equipment.  The student works directly with auto instructor and club advisors in the classroom and lab setting.

Meetings:  During the school year.  Tuesday's 3:30 - 5:00PM


  1. To create a advisory board comprised of auto shop instructors and professionals from the industry to work with students directly.  These advisors will help to keep students up-to-date about new technology, standards and best practices in the auto repair industry.
  2. To make interested students aware of future employment opportunities in the automotive industry.
  3. To enhance the student's educational experience by providing hands-0n opportunities over and above those received in the classroom.


Auto Club Activities

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Electric Car Project 1978 Triumph Spitefire

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York Auto Club Advisor Info

Ronald Robak

ASE Certified Automotive & Collision repair

ICAR Training Alliance Member

Skills USA Auto & Collision Advisor


630-617-2400 Ext. 7316

Skills USA News

York Auto Club student wins back to back years (2012 & 2013) for the Illinois State Skills USA in Collision Repair.

York Auto Club student places 13 for 2012 and 8 for 2013 at the National Skills USA Conference held in Kansas City.

Skills Usa Nationals

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