York Community High School
Albert, Timothy
Social Studies Teacher/Japanese Culture, Animation Club talbert@elmhurst205.org

Tim Albert

Hello and Welcome!!

If you need help in any of my classes, this is a great place to start!.  Inside you can find documents, calendars and assignments to keep you up to date and on top of what is going in all of my classes.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Mr. Albert's Schedule


Period 1 A351 - Plan
Period 2 A354 - Sociology
Period 3 A354 - ACP Sociology
Period 4 A351 - Plan
Period 5 A354 - Sociology
Period 6          - Lunch
Period 7 A354 - U.S. History
Period 8 A354 - U.S. History

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