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Senior Final Exam Schedule

When prom is the talk of the town, you know the end of the year is near. Below you will find the senior final exam schedule. We anticipate that the last day of school will be approved at the Board meeting on Tuesday, and following that approval, we will be able to publish the end of the year final exam schedule. Thank you for your patience, and we wish all of our Dukes well as we enter the final stretch toward graduation.

Senior Final Exam Schedule (90 minute periods)


Tuesday, May 16th

Wednesday, May 17th

7:40 - 9:10

Period 2

Period 4

9:20 - 10:50

Period 3

Period 5

10:55 – 11:50



11:55 – 1:25

Period 6

Period 7

1:35 – 3:06

Period 1

Period 8


  • All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors also follow this schedule, but will not be taking final exams unless enrolled in a course that contains primarily seniors. The instructor will provide the underclassmen ample notice in this instance.
  • All buses run on their normal schedule. This includes late/activity buses.
  • During senior finals, only those with off campus privileges are allowed off campus. There are a number of options for studying and receiving academic help during all periods, including the lunch periods. Academic resource areas such as the Learning Commons and Math Lab will be open and staffed throughout the day. The Commons/Cafeteria will be open and staffed during all lunch periods.


Posted by: Kelly Corry Published:5/11/17
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