York Community High School


Meningitis Requirement For Upcoming Seniors

Per the Illinois Department of Public Health, any child entering the 12th grade shall show proof of having received 2 doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccine prior to entering the 12th grade.  The first dose shall have been received on or after the 10th birthday and the 2nd dose shall have been received on or after their 16th birthday, at least eight weeks after the first dose.  If the first dose is administered when the child is 16 years of age or older, only one dose is required.  This requirement also applies to children who transfer into Illiniois schools from other states or countries. 

During your child’s junior year, please discuss with your doctor if your student has received the two meningococcal conjugate vaccinations. Your student may have already received the two doses of the meningococcal conjugate vaccination, but it has not been specified on their immunization form.  If they have NOT received both doses, you are required to get this vaccination for your child.  The Dr. must provide the dates they were given, along with a doctor’s signature. You must provide the required proof of immunization to the York High School Health Office by May 15th, 2017 .  Without proof of this vaccination, your child will be excluded from school in the fall of 2017, as described in the school code of Illinois and per Elmhurst District 205 procedure.  Exclusion from school means that your child will not be able to attend any classes or participate in any athletic or extra-curricular activities until the required proof of vaccination is provided. 


Please download the letter below to have your physician's office complete the immunization documentation record and return it to York HS Health Office by May 15, 2017.

Posted by: MaryAnn Patti Published:2/24/17
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