York Community High School

Award Winners

Congratulations Performing Arts Students!

Congratulations to the following 2014-2015 band students:

  • Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding senior in Jazz Band: Becky Swanson, Saxophone
  • Cathy Carson Memorial Award: $150 each
    • Outstanding junior band student: Alan Krance, trumpet
    • Outstanding junior band student: Liam Fisher, percussion
  • John Phillips Sousa Award - outstanding senior in band: Lauren Gaynor, flute
  • Paulus $1,000 Scholarship - senior planning a music major in college: Leah Young will attend Illinois State University as a Music Therapy Major
  • Lois Hammerschmidt Award: Hannah Widmaier, choir

Congratulations to the following 2014-2015 orchestra student:

  • National Orchestra Award: Theresa Pietro

Congratulations to the following 2014-2015 choir students:

  • Arion Choral Award: Hannah Widmaier
  • Judith Marderosian Award: $100 each
    • Ben Uddenberg, tuba
    • Michael Seaborg, trumpet
    • Tatum Langley, chorus
    • Hanna Kikos, chorus
    • Jenna Garcia, orchestra
    • Glory Jacquat, orchestra

For more information on Music Department Awards, please click here.