York Community High School
Berger, Pam
Instructional Assistant pamelaberger@elmhurst205.org
Widener, Geraldine
Special Education Assistant

Exam Study Tips

Give yourself enough time to study – begin now!

Organize your study space & materials

Create visual aids – use flow charts & diagrams

Practice on old exams/tests

Explain the content to others

Organize study groups with friends (stay focused)

Take regular breaks

Eat well & drink lots of water– snack on 'brain food'


Plan your exam day – come prepared


Adapted from: http://www.topuniversities.com/student-info/health-and-support/exam-preparation-ten-study-tips  Go to this link for more detailed information on each tip.

Testing Center

Welcome to the Testing Center!

The Testing Center is located in the

Learning Commons South,  Room C210.

TC Hours






6:40 AM

4:10 PM


Reg Wed

Late Arrival Wednesdays

7:30 AM

 Thursday 6:40 AM


6:40 AM


Test Center Rules

Bring your student ID.


Bring the necessary supplies for your test, such as pencil, paper, calculator


Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices and place in the pouch provided. No personal items will be allowed at the testing desks.


Be on time as tests will not be administered if you are late. Once a test is issued, it must be completed in one sitting unless special instructions have been given by the teacher. No tests will be started after 3:30 pm.


Schedule Testing Appointment

Avoid lines by scheduling a time to take a test or quiz in the Testing Center.                                                                                             ***Please fill this form out at least TWO periods before you plan to take your assessment to guarantee your seat and materials are ready. 

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schedule after.jpg

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