York Community High School

Medical Careers

Class meets for two periods each day.  Four days per week class is held at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital or another off-site location, such as Devries Animal Hospital and Elmhurst Dental Care, where students shadow professionals in several different areas.  They work with medical personnel in such activities as caring for patients, taking vital signs, and keeping records.  They observe surgery and other procedures.  Class meets one day per week at York, allowing students to share experiences, work on case studies, and research current health care topics.  School transportation will not be provided.

Wolski, Nancy (630) 617-2400 ex.7198 Science Teacher nwolski@elmhurst205.org

Medical Career Application Information

Medical Career Application Form or click here to make a copy.

Application deadline: January 26, 2018

Completed and turned into the counselor


Please Note, Medical Careers requires proper immuninzations and access to transportation.



  • Students are required to have a Flu Shot and TB test in order to attend rotations semester at the Hospital and other off-site locations.
  • Students must show verification of a Flu shot and TB test before they are cleared to go on rotations. 



  • Students must have access to transportation. The school district does not provide transportation to off-site locations.
  • Students wishing to receive priority consideration for a parking spot due to enrollment in this program must submit their parking application by the deadline for the general lottery.