York Community High School

Enr Precalculus/AP Statistics

This course continues the advanced work with the theory and properties of functions that students began in Enriched Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, but now at a higher level of abstraction. The course introduces the precalculus topics of polar coordinates, conic sections, natural logarithm and exponential functions, sequences and series, and limits.   Technology is used frequently for modeling and for discovering key ideas from multiple perspectives.  In addition to gaining the prerequisite knowledge to take Calculus BC, students will study statistics with the goal of taking the AP Statistics exam in the spring. During the statistics units of the course, students will learn about four broad conceptual themes: using graphical and numerical techniques to study patterns of data, planning a method of data collection, applying the rules of probability, and making statistical inferences to justify conclusions about large populations.  Throughout the course a strong emphasis is placed on critical thinking and communication.  A Texas Instruments TI N-Spire CAS (computer algebra system) calculator is required.

Schoenberg, Max (630) 617-2400 ex.7329 Math Teacher mschoenberg@elmhurst205.org
Westerberg, Erik (630) 617-2400 ex.7101 Math Teacher ewesterberg@elmhurst205.org

Textbook:  Precalculus with Unit Circle Trigonometry published by Brooks/Cole, 1998