York Community High School

AP Calculus BC

This is a full-year course equivalent to two semesters of college calculus.  This course covers all of the topics listed above for AP Calculus AB.  Additional topics include advanced methods of integration, advanced estimation methods for differential equations, converging and diverging series of numerical constants, Taylor series for function approximations, and two-dimensional motion with vectors and parametric equations.  Each topic is examined both abstractly and with numeric practical applications.  All topics are approached rigorously through graphical, numerical, and algebraic representations.  A student may receive undergraduate college credit for two semesters of calculus through high performance on the Advanced Placement Calculus BC exam.  Due to the extensive list of additional topics, AP Calculus BC moves at a much faster pace than AP Calculus AB. A TI-Nspire CAS (computer algebra system) calculator is required.


Briggs, Serena (630) 617-2400 ex.7361 Mathematics Teacher sbriggs@elmhurst205.org
Schoenberg, Max (630) 617-2400 ex.7329 Math Teacher mschoenberg@elmhurst205.org

Textbook:  Calculus: Concepts and Contexts (2nd edition) by James Stewart, published by Brooks/Cole

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