York Community High School



#0141 Psychology

Grades 11-12 / 1 Semester Course – 1.0 credit

The basic subject matter of psychology is behavior, a matter of vital concern to all of us. The news media frequently cite examples of psychological phenomena such as personality, emotional problems, drug use and abuse, racism, violence and sexuality. In this course we will examine such topics as learning, memory, perception, motivation, development, stress, intelligence and personality testing, abnormal behavior and therapy with an emphasis on applying these to individual behavior.

Rationale: This course has a two fold purpose. The first purpose is to give the student a better understanding of self and others so that he/she may have more satisfying relationships and function more efficiently. The second purpose is to familiarize the student with the subject of psychology for help in considering further educational plans.

Teachers who teach Psychology:

Trent, Kathryn (630) 617-2400 ex.7226 Social Studies Teacher ktrent@elmhurst205.org
Turnbull, Katie (630) 617-2400 ex.7131 AP Psychology/Social Studies Teacher kturnbull@elmhurst205.org