York Community High School

Law in American Society


#0173 Law in American Society

Grades 10-12 / 1 Semester Course – 1.0 credit

It is essential to have an awareness of the laws that protect you, as well as the laws that restrict you. After one semester, students will have a basic understanding of our legal system, its terminology, and its procedures. An emphasis will be placed on analyzing real world issues and court cases that relate to our rights as citizens. Students will examine landmark Supreme Court decisions as well as criminal cases. The class will rely heavily on class discussion and insight. Specific topics include civil law, court procedure, rules of evidence, search and seizure and rights when arrested.

Rationale: This class will provide students with skills in analysis, communication and presentations. These skills will prove invaluable to students anticipating careers as lawyers, police officers, business and other public occupations. Students will also develop the content base and the necessary skills to be successful in Constitutional Law Honors.

Teachers who teach Law in American Society:

Mueller, Amy (630) 617-2400 ex.7394 Social StudiesTeacher